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Finance & Supply Management Insights


Whitepaper: Decoding the Global Ledger

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by Donna Booth (VP, FIN & SCM Strategic Services) & Rick Ellis (Principal Finance Consultant)

The recent buzz of Global Ledger dimensionality and its power to rock the world of finance has taken ERP users by storm, claiming to reduce manual effort and offer unprecedented capabilities to finance, the heart of every business.

This whitepaper offers a simple explanation of the global ledger and its value, as well as actionable strategies to get unstuck and begin to focus on what is waiting for you in the future world of finance.


WEBINAR: Get Ready for a New Dimension with an Improved GL Structure (with Rick Ellis)

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WEBINAR: Managing RNI...Beyond the Data (with Steve Kleekamp)

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WEBINAR: The Evolution of Contract Management (with Paul Parisi)

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Human Capital Management Insights


eBook: Embracing HR Innovation

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by Diana Van Blaricom (VP, HCM Strategic Services)

NEW Chapter Added 2020!

Technology should ENHANCE our work life much like it has our personal lives. Technology improvements are moving faster and faster. For the organizations that embrace change, they will continue to improve operations, increase the bottom line and reduce operational costs by utilizing technology to drive efficiencies across the company.

It’s time to look forward, embrace change and understand how technology can advance our talent management efforts and raise the bar on operational excellence! Uncover ideas to help you improve HR operations by downloading the eBook today!



WEBINAR: Prescription for Talent (Joint Presentation with


WEBINAR: CloudSuite HCM Fundamental (with Diana Van Blaricom)

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WEBINAR: Understanding Jobs & Positions (with Diana Van Blaricom)

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WEBINAR: The Journey to Cloud-Based HCM & WFM (Joint Presentation with Infor)

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Digital Transformation Insights


Infor BI Customer-Driven Analytics

WEBINAR: Infor BI Customer-Driven Analytics (with Ben Hougland and Fortude)

BI Maturity

WEBINAR: BI Maturity with Infor ERP (with Ben Hougland and Fortude)


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