Whitepaper: Decoding the Global Ledger

The Future of Finance

Rick Ellis, Director of ERP Financial Services

The Buzz of the Global Ledger

Today, operational finance has a co-dependent relationship with transactional data. Data, in return, needs to be reviewed, swizzled, rolled up, and transformed into various levels of reporting to support month and year-end close requirements. Ad-hoc requests often flood in from other departments, like supply chain and HR, posing questions about the origin and meaning behind each journal entry.

The recent buzz of Global Ledger dimensionality and its power to rock the world of finance has taken ERP users by storm, claiming to reduce manual effort and offer unprecedented capabilities to finance, the heart of every business.

While there are many technical explanations available, the missing piece for most is the lack of layman’s term explanation for what it really means for finance, why the Global Ledger is such a big deal, and how to make the shift from the traditional finance role to true analytics and high value in a way that fulfills the mission, vision, and values of each organization.

A Simpler Explanation

This whitepaper offers a simple explanation of the global ledger and its value, as well as actionable strategies to get unstuck and begin to focus on what is waiting for you in the future world of finance.

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