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RevCycle Revelations: A Couch Conversation Series

Join ROI's VP of HIS Strategy and Services, Jeff Tennant, in this six-part animated video interview series. Each video is loaded with helpful tips, industry knowledge, and Jeff's firsthand experience which will help any healthcare revenue cycle professional better meet their objectives.

RevCycle Revelations Series Topics

Part 1: Information Capture (Duration: 6m 48s) - Learn more about how information capture impacts patient safety, patient experience, and all hospital operations, why consistent training and onboarding is key to proper information capture, and how a strong information capture strategy can lay the foundation for future healthcare developments.

Part 2: Charge Capture & Billing (Duration: 5m 50s) - Charge capture helps you understand the true cost and support value-based care. Jeff Tennant shares how solid cost capture efforts can improve your reimbursement opportunities. You'll also gain some insights into ways to make the most of your charge capture strategy, such as keeping your charge description master up-to-date. 

Part 3: Receivables Management (Duration: 6m 30s) - Learn how to tighten up your receivables management processes. Jeff identifies problem areas, such as timely filing and medical necessity denials. Also learn how new technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are presenting new opportunities in this arena.

Part 4: Revenue Enhancement (Duration: 4m 4s) - Learn how to enhance your revenue through Jeff's personal experiences. A few recommendations include looking for ways to market your higher margin capabilities within the community and leveraging information and charge capture to collect better data, make better decisions, and ultimately create more revenue.

Part 5: CMS Mandates (Duration: 7m 36s) - While responding to CMS mandates can account for a significant portion of a CIO's budget, they can also be a great tool to help your organization do a better job and achieve greater financial outcomes. Learn how early adopters tend to see the greatest financial impact to their bottom lines, and learn what considerations you should take into account as you plan your strategy around CMS mandates.

Part 6: COVID-19 Impacts (Duration: 20m 7s) - Learn about how COVID-19 is impacting the revenue cycle of healthcare organizations, what they can do to support their bottom line, and the role telehealth and other innovations play in ensuring success during this challenging time.

Jeff Tennant

Meet Jeff

With over 20 years of IT consulting and services experience and a former Hospital CIO, Jeff’s passion in business spans leadership, innovation, business development, quality. Over the course of his career, he has driven success through multi-million-dollar revenue cycle performance improvement services, revenue cycle gap analysis, remediation services, and population health strategy efforts focusing on appropriate workflow processes and industry best practices.


ROI Healthcare Solutions

ROI Healthcare Solutions is healthcare's trusted IT Services Partner, founded in 1999. We save clients time and money, creating clinical, operational, and financial excellence through ERP and EHR initiatives. ROI offers industry-centric project management, consulting, implementation. optimization, support, and staffing services. Our leadership is committed to delivering quality services with highly engaged team members to clients who appreciate long-term partnerships.
Here are just a few revenue cycle engagements that ROI revenue cycle team members have led throughout their careers:
  • Central Georgia Health System: Through focusing on areas identified during initial assessment, and then efforts to ensure appropriate coding based on improved documentation, the client turned a $40,000 investment into a $400,000 improvement in net revenue during the first year.
  • Southern California Medical Center: Focused efforts on admission processes identified as not best practices during assessment saw a reduction in denials. The focused project of $20,000 showed a return on investment of $60,000 in first 3 months with annualized 1 year return of $240,000.
  • Rural New York Hospital: Focused efforts on ABN process ($30,000 investment) resulted in immediate return of $10,000 per month, in reduction of medical necessity denials. 1 year return of $120,000.
ROI gives life to our clients' mission and vision through optimizing processes, people, and technology. We are recognized by both Inc 5000 as a fast growing private company and Modern Healthcare as a Best Place to Work in Healthcare. ROI has been rated Best in KLAS within the KLAS Research's "Partial IT Outsourcing" category.